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Our Purpose

Worried about Mom and Dad at home? We find solutions to help them live safely and independently at home. We provide in home occupational therapy evaluations in the Kansas City area and work with preferred contractors to make changes. Sign up for the newsletter for tips on how to create a forever home.

Our Purpose


Stay at Home Solutions helps people in the Kansas City metro area maintain their independence and quality of life while they age in place at home. We offer skilled occupational therapy evaluations for home modifications to ensure everyone can fulfill their vision of remaining in their home and community for as long as they like. Stay at Home Solutions recommends home modifications specifically tailored for you as an individual. We simplify the home modification process with the help of one of our preferred contractors or with a contractor of your choice.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves or our loved ones experiencing a more difficult time with daily activities of living, such as bathing, dressing, or making meals. Home modifications can make it easier for people to complete activities of daily living in their home without the need to move to another house or nursing facility. You save money when you live in your own home compared to moving to senior housing or a nursing facility. We guarantee you and your loved ones peace of mind!

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We also provide over the phone consultation to help you find solutions to live in your home for a lifetime. Sign up here!

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Is This for Me?

Yes, Stay at Home Solutions is for you! At some point, EVERYONE needs to identify their goals for the future. Ask yourself questions such as the following: Where would I like to spend my golden years? Do I want to live in my current home? Do I want to move near my children or other family members? Do I want to continue taking care of my lawn? Will my joints allow me to go up and down the stairs to my bedroom? What do I envision my home to look like?

These questions will lead you to the first step for “aging in place”. Aging in place is for people who want to maintain their independence, safety, and comfort in their home and community regardless of their age, ability, or income (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). If that sounds like you, please contact us to schedule a home evaluation.

Our services provide you with the comfort of knowing that you will be able to remain in your home as long as you like. Home modifications will improve the value of your home with the use of universal design principles. Your home modifications will appear as you desire and will NOT look like a hospital room. Stay at Home Solutions combines function and aesthetics to transform your home into your idea of aging in place.

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