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Hard time wiping? Let’s talk a-Booty it!

Listen, I need to get very personal with you today and talk about wiping after going to the bathroom. It’s part of my job. And in a weird way, I’m passionate about helping people keep the ability to take care of themselves throughout the lifespan.

All in a day’s work for an occupational therapist!

Man sitting and looking at his hands feeling down because he can’t wipe his booties. His friends are putting their hands on his shoulders for comfort. Photo by Unsplash.

Man sitting and looking at his hands feeling down because he can’t wipe his booties. His friends are putting their hands on his shoulders for comfort. Photo by Unsplash.

Sometimes, I work with people who for some reason or another cannot reach all the way to wipe their genitals and bottoms.

You may ask, “how is that possible?”

Well, hop on the imagination station and pretend that you’ve worked on your feet all of your life. Maybe you’ve done a job that included heavy lifting (where my nurses and construction workers at?). Your back, shoulders, hips, and knees are starting to ache and groan at you every single day with every single movement, like getting out of bed or tying your shoes. You may take pain medication to deal with stiffness and discomfort just to move around the dang house.

On top of your aching joints, maybe you’ve put on a little bit of weight in your belly. Since it hurts so much to go to the store, grab ingredients, and cook at home, you’ve been driving through fast food restaurants to eat dinner almost on a daily basis. You know putting on weight is going to make you feel heavier and more sluggish, but you feel so bad already it’s hard to go back to cooking for yourself.

“Maybe I should exercise to keep the weight off,” you ponder, but then your knees start throbbing as you go up the three stairs to get inside of the house. “No way is that going to happen.”

One day, you go to the bathroom and realize how hard it is to reach your booty when wiping after going to the bathroom. It’s so hard to twist with the pain in your back, shoulders, and hips! Not to mention reaching around your belly. You do the best you can, but you’re not sure if your bottom is totally clean. You think about how much it’d hurt to try and wipe again and call it quits.

Okay, thank you for riding the imagination station! You may hop off now! Mind the gap!

I didn’t share the happiest story in the world, but this is the most common reason why people start having a hard time wiping after going to the bathroom. This is NOT to shame anybody in this situation. This is just real life, people. And of course, there’s tons of other reasons why people have a hard time wiping the booty, like spinal cord injuries, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, etc.

As humans, we move and use our bodies and joints. They get worn down. They start to hurt. We’re not as active and may gain weight. All of these factors lead to more difficulty getting thoroughly cleaned after using the toilet.

It happens.

So I wanted to share a tool that I’ve trained clients to use for better wiping after going to the bathroom: a personal hygiene wand.

Photo of the Long Reach Comfort Wipe.

Photo of the Long Reach Comfort Wipe.

There’s dozens of different brands and types of personal hygiene wands. They all resemble some sort of stick that has the capability of holding toilet paper or wet wipes. You put the toilet paper on one end and hold the other end while wiping your booty. It takes some practice, but I’ve seen people use this like an extended appendage. They’re that good!

You can use personal hygiene wands at home and out in the community. Don’t worry about being stuck at the library or relative’s house with a dirty butt! Use them anywhere and everywhere!

Personal hygiene wands are usually very easy to clean because they’re made of plastic. Make sure to clean and dry them after every single use to avoid infection. We don’t want any unwanted problems, especially in your private parts! Usually, personal hygiene wands come with directions on how to clean them in the packaging.

You can find personal hygiene wands in big box stores, like Wal-Mart, or online retailers. The costs are pretty reasonable ranging from $10-40 dollars. To be honest, this is an item worth investing in if it keeps you independent in keeping your booty clean and healthy!



My favorite personal hygiene wand is the FreedomWand! (No, I’m not getting paid for saying that.) I love it because it’s multi functional and it works better than other brands I’ve used with my clients. The FreedomWand has “finger” attachments that grip onto the toilet paper better. If you don’t place the toilet paper well on other wands, the toilet paper usually ends up in the toilet bowl and never makes it to your butt. The FreedomWand gives you a little bit more room for error in placing the toilet paper correctly. Let’s be real, we don’t need added frustration while trying to wipe your butt.

The FreedomWand also grips razors, loofahs, ointment pads, and potentially more hygiene and grooming items. If you ever use this wand, I encourage you to get creative and try other products. It blew my mind when I realized I could train clients to do more than thoroughly clean their booties!!!! You mean, I can teach people to shave, scrub their hard to reach places, and apply ointment to their skin with the SAME tool!!

What will people come up with next?

If you don’t need a personal hygiene wand at this point in your life, that’s great! But if you know someone, like your parents, aunt, uncle, coworker, friend, or neighbor who is struggling to wipe after going to the bathroom, then share this article with them. Let them explore the possibilities of a thoroughly clean butt. Personal hygiene wands restore confidence and integrity. They’re game changers. I can’t tell you how many of my clients have cried over the inability to wipe themselves.

It’s truly a gift to be able to care for yourself in this intimate way. Share the gift. Don’t be shy!

Have you used a personal hygiene wand? Tell us about it! What’s your brand? Do you use a bidet toilet seat attachment at home in addition to a personal hygiene wand? Are you going to give personal hygiene wands a try?

All I know is: you better do it before you need it!