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Do You Wish You Had Eight Arms When Leaving Home?

Sometimes, it can truly be a struggle to get out the main door of your home. Close your eyes and imagine putting your shoes on while juggling your keys, drink, purse, bag, coat, hat, sunglasses, umbrella while opening and closing the door to lock it behind you. Wishing you had extra limbs? This is a common daily occurrence for most people. It can lead to dropping everything on the ground or worse. . . falls. And if your house is like mine, there are steps right out the door. Toppling out the door and down the stairs would lead to a more disastrous fall resulting in more injuries.



With the U.S. spending $50 billion dollars a year on fall-related injuries (Centers for Disease Control), let’s think about helping ourselves out a minute! Take a look at the main door in your house. Where is it? For some people, the main door is in the garage or the front door. In my case, the back door is our main door to our house because it’s closest to the driveway and does not have steep steps like the front door.

Next, consider how much space you have beside the door. A lot? A little? Here’s a SIMPLE solution: put a bench or chair next to the door inside the house. The bench or chair would allow you to sit while putting on your shoes, place your purse on the seat or floor, take off or put on your coat, find the key to lock the door, rest while you wait for your ride, etc., etc. The benefits are too numerous to list! This would also be helpful for sitting and resting when feeling tired after coming home.

Long lost chair? Pexels

Long lost chair? Pexels

You do not need any money for this project! Look around the house and see if there is a lonely, unused bench or chair available. Are there any in the basement or attic? Spare bedroom? If so, ask a younger relative or neighbor to move it for you, especially if you have stairs.

Or if you desire a pretty new piece of furniture, shopping can be a fun option! A bench or chair with armrests would be a premium choice to help you push yourself up using your arms and hands. While you’re at it, think about looking for a floating shelf, buffet, or some other furniture that could be used to place items on while you manage the door and lock.

Make life easier for yourself and get yourself a bench or chair by the door! You will thank yourself as soon as you use it! For more ideas, watch my video for suggestions on what to put next to the door outside the home! Please comment below if you have already tried this tip and describe the furniture you used.