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How to Turn Your Fears into Relief

If you have read my blog or watched my YouTube videos, you may have noticed that I STRONGLY encourage people to make home modifications to live at home safely and independently. When people think about making changes in their homes, like home modifications or remodeling, images of giant piles of burning cash instantly come to mind. You tend to think, "I don't want to spend a ton of money right now" or "I have no money for a home project. I've got bills to pay!" It is common for people to fear spending money on home modifications. Just to be honest, I feel the same way towards my house!



Before we spiral into the depths of fear and anxiety, let me tell you that you do NOT need to spend large sums money on home modifications. Feel better already? 

You CAN make simple changes in the house right now that are low to zero cost!

Case in point: I recently completed a low cost home modification project for a client. CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES! My client called me and asked for help to figure out how to make it easier to get out of bed and get on and off the toilet. We customized the bed height and toilet for her and added a bed rail that worked specifically for the adjustable base underneath the mattress. After trying out her new digs, my client had a big smile on her face and shouted, "Whoop, whoop!" 

My client and I also talked about some long term home modifications to think about, such as enlarging the bathroom and widening the bathroom doorway to make it easier to move around. My client wanted to wait and think about how she would finance a bigger home project. I offered suggestions on looking at: 1) secured loans on savings, 2) home equity line of credit, and 3) certificate deposit (CD) secured loans. These options typically offer the lowest interest rates and maintain your total amount in savings. Talk about financial relief! Phew!

I share this information with people because I don't want you to end up spending more money down the road. Less than 10% of houses in the U.S. are set up for people with moderate joint problems! Unfortunately, many people put off making changes in their home because of money, BUT they end up spending MORE money on medical bills related to an injury at home.

If anything, take away this advice: Make small home modifications today and plan for bigger projects in the next 1-3 years. You deserve to invest in your personal safety and independence at home. Comment down below if you have already made some home modifications!