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Tips for Your Outdoor Spaces

As a child, I enjoyed spending time outdoors with my grandmother. We would water plants, hang laundry on the clothesline, power wash the sidewalk, and drink Pepsi on the porch swing while barefoot. When she became older and moved to a 1960's ranch style house, I remember her enjoying the outdoors when the weather was "just right". Although her new house seemed like it was easy for her to move around at first, my grandmother began experiencing more problems with arthritis throughout her body which limited her movement.



Despite living in a ranch style house, it was difficult for her to manage the two stairs to enter and exit the house at the garage entrance or front door. She would need a person to help open the door and place her walker at the top or bottom of the stairs. Therefore, my grandmother was only able to go outside when she had someone to help her. The house had a patio in the backyard connected to the basement entry, but my grandmother could no longer manage the stairs to the basement even with two handrails for support. 

The only option to spend time outdoors was to sit in the garage with the door open. My grandmother did not mind sitting in the garage, but I do recall her missing her porch and swing on occasion. 

There are times where I wish I could go back and make a beautiful, accessible outdoor space for my grandmother. But I can still help others enjoy time outdoors for years to come!


Sutton Group Preferred Realty, Inc.

Sutton Group Preferred Realty, Inc.

When creating outdoor spaces for people to spend time and visit, I think about how important it is to include people of all abilities. The picture above is a perfect example of what I would do for my grandmother's ranch house. It has the following features:

  • Graded sidewalk with a gentle slope to the front door.

  • 36 inch front door for wheelchair or walker accessibility.

  • Side window next to the front door to view visitors.

  • Large portico to protect people from rain or sunshine.

  • Chairs with armrests and a table for spending time outdoors.

  • Overhead lighting by the door.

  • Beautiful landscaping.

  • Lighting near the sidewalk to clearly define the pathway.

  • Five foot wide sidewalk to accommodate wheelchair users or walkers.

In addition to the features mentioned above, I would also add more pathway lighting along the sidewalk and ensure that all the lights had motion sensor capability for fall prevention and energy savings (double bonus!). The front entryway floor would smoothly transition from the pavement outside to the flooring inside with NO threshold or steps to trip over. I would install a lever style door handle for the front door to make it easier to open and close. Lastly, I would install the doorbell at a height between 36 and 48 inches from the floor for people to comfortably reach.

Without a doubt, my grandmother would have loved an outdoor space like this! I would probably make her a custom swing so we could sit, swing, and swig away Pepsi like the old days!