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I Need a Bidet for Me and Bae!

This past couple of weeks, I have worked with two clients with chronic back pain and osteoarthritis. These types of conditions can make it hard to twist and bend to thoroughly clean yourself after going to the bathroom.



Whoa! I know that is extremely personal! But it can be devastating and life altering to not be able to clean your private areas. So what did I do for my clients?

I showed different types of bidets! Bidets clean your private parts with a soft stream of water after you toilet.

Personally, I did not know bidets existed until I was in my late twenties. I have seen a bidet in a bathroom in Europe, but I have never seen one in the U.S. Side note: I was too scared to use the bidet in Europe even though I knew what it was. I would definitely use a bidet now! It’s on my to-do list for our future home remodel.

Pexels: This bathroom has a toilet and bidet.

Pexels: This bathroom has a toilet and bidet.

Toilet manufacturers reported an increase in sales in bidets and bidet seats in America. It’s not hard to see why. The benefits include being more gently effective with personal hygiene compared to the skin irritation that can come with toilet paper or wet wipes. Bidets also cut down on use of toilet paper.

Save the trees and save the butts!

My clients needed their backs saved as well. So I suggested a bidet seat or a hand held bidet. I would not install a separate bidet in a bathroom because that would take up too much space. Plus, try to squat on a bidet when your back is killing you! 

You can find electric or non electric bidet seats to install on your existing toilet. The electric bidet seats are kind of fancier in that some brands offer the option to blow warm air on your bottom. Many bidet seats have controls that allow you to change water temperature and to aim the water stream where it needs to go.

Hand held bidets are typically less expensive. You can hook them on the toilet tank or on the wall next to the toilet if it’s within reach. If you have a hard time moving your shoulders and arms back because of arthritis and pain, this may not be the best option for you.

The hand held bidets can have multiple functions besides personal hygiene like: cleaning the floor, cleaning a bathtub/shower, cleaning a cotton diaper, filling a bucket, watering bathroom plants, filling water balloons. . . The list is endless. Get creative, people!

I hope you think or rethink thoughts on bidets! Your private areas will thank you. The trees will thank you. You will thank yourself for maintaining your independence!