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Pet Care for Life Recap!

This past Friday, I posted a video about how to make sure you are able to care for your furry friends no matter your age or ability. Click here to watch it!

Although my video was heavily geared towards dogs (you caught me), I did provide some tips that can help out you cat, bunny, guinea pig, chinchilla, etc. lovers out there! 

Remember, adult or senior pets can be ideal pets if you do not have the time or ability to train an energetic puppy. Animals of all ages need our love just like humans!

I covered changes you can make in your home to make pet care easier. For lots of pictures and examples, please click here to go to my Pinterest board, "Pets"! Personally, I am definitely going to install a pet washing station in my laundry room to avoid back pain while washing my 60 lb dog, Bea! She runs away from the hose outside! I need to confine her!

Cole Lindbergh, 2018  We need a dog door that prevents carcass entry.

Cole Lindbergh, 2018

We need a dog door that prevents carcass entry.

In the video, I also discussed pet care equipment that you will absolutely love. The top item that you all raved about was the smart phone triggered feeder by Petnet! Limit your reaching and bending to feed Fluffy by filling the container with her food. Now you control her meal time and portion size with your smart phone.

We also talked about good old-fashioned long handled food and water bowls like this one from Graceful Pets. You can find all different brands and prices on Amazon. This is particularly helpful for people with a knee or hip replacement!

I am a fan of saving my back and your back! Picking up a wiggly 60 lb dog is absolutely not happening for me. Luckily, there is a way for Bea to climb in the bed or car. Look into this for yourself!

Funny story: I worked with a client once who could not see very well. She owned a dog whose beige fur matched the beige carpet color exactly. This dog had its own unintentional camouflage, which made it a huge fall risk for my client with low vision! To avoid falls, we put a navy colored bandana on the dog to help Fido stand out from the carpet. This helped my client feel safer when walking around in the house.

Please comment down below and share tips you have to save your back and energy while caring for your pets! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest for more pins and ideas on taking care of our extended furry family.