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Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are a combination of a doorbell and video camera that syncs to your smartphone and allows you to see and speak to the person at your door. Video doorbells are rising in popularity and largely viewed as a form of security for people's homes. This allows people to answer the door virtually from different parts of the home or work by using an app on a smartphone. When the visitor rings the video doorbell, you can see them but they cannot see you. If someone is delivering a package, you can instruct them where to leave it to prevent theft from "porch pirates".

Last week, Amazon announced the purchase of Ring, the video doorbell company, for over a billion dollars. Amazon is looking for strategies to deter people from stealing packages delivered while the recipient is not home. The company is hoping to integrate the technology of Ring's video doorbell with Amazon Alexa to make it even easier for home owners to track and receive Amazon orders. According to Statista, there are 90 million Amazon Prime members in the United States as of September 2017. Amazon and Ring could make it safer and easier for millions of people to receive orders from delivery workers.

Adults of all ages will benefit with the Amazon and Ring merger. In January 2017, Pew Research reported 42% of adults 65 years and older own a smart phone. Without a doubt, that number has already climbed higher since last year. Personally, I have noticed an increase in my clients using smart phones to purchase items and services from Amazon. I know that the next step is for older adults to use their smart phone to monitor who is visiting at their front door. Video doorbells can bring peace of mind to family members concerned about their loved ones being potentially taken advantage of at all hours of the day.

Amazon and Ring are encouraging the path towards consumers setting up their homes with smart technology, otherwise known as home automation. Smart home technology allows people to use their smart phones to control smart devices throughout the home like turning lights on and off or changing the temperature. It is easy to see how this would help a wide variety of people such as a person with chronic back pain. The possibilities of video doorbells and smart devices are endless! Stay at Home Solutions can help your family members choose the most appropriate video doorbells and smart home devices for their needs. We also provide installation services to make the process easy and quick for you.