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Nursing Home Experience

Dear friends,

I am a professional who helps people live in their homes for a lifetime as a viable option compared to a nursing home/ assisted living facility/ independent living facility. This career was inspired by my grandparents when they expressed their desire to live in their home and never to live in a nursing home. I have worked in nursing homes and agree that the quality of life is profoundly better living at home compared to living or rehabilitating in an institution.

Don’t get me wrong! For families with no choice but a nursing home, there are amazing companies like Prairie Elder Care who provide excellent care. (No, they did not pay me to say that!) 

Because I come from a strong-willed family, a.k.a control freaks, we would all die quickly if we had no choice when we woke up in the morning, ate meals, brushed our teeth, changed into clean clothes, took medication, bathed, went to sleep, napped, visited a doctor, etc. Imagine having minimal to zero say in who you shared your room with or where your room is located in a facility.

Attempting to change the status quo to your preferences may result in a long wait time or no change at all until you discharge home (if you are that fortunate). Most people have to settle with the rhythm of the facility and change their perspective to go with the flow.

Privacy is a relic of the past when living in a nursing home. Although many employees are well-meaning, they tend to forget that they are working in your home. If you are a modest person, you will experience incidents of exposure to people you do not know. Sometimes staff will forget to shut doors while assisting you with self care activities such as toileting, dressing, or bathing. Other people's family members may take your picture without permission because you were in the same frame as Grandma and they did not want to "move you".

There are some people who thrive in nursing homes or assisted living facilities due to the fact it offers them more opportunity to visit with others and make friends. However, I would often hear those same people say, “I never thought I would end up here like this.”

Pexels: Friends planning their future to live at home.

Pexels: Friends planning their future to live at home.

The number one reason that brings people to nursing/ assisted living facilities is the fact their homes are not set up for them to independently take care of themselves. The bathroom is too small. People cannot get in and out of their shower safely. They cannot climb the stairs to their bedroom. Washing and drying clothing is impossible when the machines are in the basement. It is difficult to keep snow off the front stairs to walk to the driveway.

Pexels: stairs

Pexels: stairs

Want to avoid living in a facility? I can help everyone prevent the experience of living in a nursing home! I can extend your ability to live independently and safely in your home regardless of what your future looks like. Living at home saves you money! You can enjoy your time, schedule, needs, and wants in your home without the disruptive nature of an institution.

BUT you need to start planning now! Do not put it off until your children graduate high school or college. Do not wait until you start collecting social security. Do not wait to receive your pension. Plan today! Make your future happiness a priority!

Just take five minutes of your time to call or message me. Ask me any questions, hang up the phone, and call me back with more questions. I promise that I am a friendly person who wants to help other people.

Please leave me comments or questions on this article below. I will respond to you!