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Tips to Prepare When Relatives Move In with You

In today's economy, many people are choosing to move in with their relatives to save money. For instance, it can be very beneficial for your parents or grandparents to move in with you to share in utility costs, mortgage, rent, or groceries to name a few. If you have children, relatives can become inexpensive in-home babysitters for you to run errands or experience a night on the town.

We know that the cost benefit of living with relatives can be huge. However, we want to make sure our homes are safe for mom or grandpa to live comfortably. I provided a short list of easy home modifications to help you with your relative's move into your home.


Falls in the bedroom and bathroom can easily be prevented with motion sensor lighting. No one needs to walk in the dark across the room to turn on a light switch or fumble down the hallway to the bathroom. I would recommend placing motion sensor lights underneath the bed, closets, cabinets, or along the base of wall in the hallway. 


The falls and injuries most likely to happen in the bathroom are standing up from the toilet and coming out of the shower. The simplest changes you can make are making the toilet taller, adding grab bars by the toilet and in the shower, and making wet floors slip resistant. If your relative becomes tired easily, replace your old shower head for a hand held shower head and put in a shower chair.


Everyone can benefit from handrails while entering and exiting the house to avoid falling. Promenaid is a hand rail company that makes hand rails for indoor and outdoor use. 

We understand that relatives moving in can feel overwhelming at times. For more information on how you can prepare your home for your relatives moving in, please contact us!