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What is EazyHold?

The creators of EazyHold, reached out to me and asked if I would do a product review. After some quick research, I realized that this was an Eazy decision: YES! EazyHold is adaptive equipment that can help adults age in place and remain independent in their daily activities.

(Just a quick disclaimer: I was not paid for this review and the product was sent to me for free.)


EazyHold is a universal cuff grip assist with numerous uses! "EazyHold is an innovative tool and utensil holder for children and adults who have limited or no grip strength. It's designed to attach to a variety of utensils, grooming aids, tools, toys, wheelchairs, bikes, musical instruments, sporting equipment, and more!" It cleans easily with disinfectant wipes or you can place it in the dishwasher or even washing machine! EazyHold is very stretchy and non-slip in order to prevent you from dropping items while you use them. It comes in various lengths and hole sizes to accommodate grip on the object you would like to place it on, like a pen to sign your name.


While my hand grip is intact at this point in my life, I considered what possibilities may come down the road for me to use EazyHold. Arthritis may affect my hand grip in the future and make it more difficult for me to clean, cook, or groom myself. My family has a history of stroke and diabetes. Stroke can affect my strength and movement in my arms and hands. If I had diabetes, I may develop neuropathy, which can affect how my nerves communicate with muscles in my hands. EazyHold would be a tool to consider in helping me remain independent in my daily activities. For instance, I could put EazyHold on a hairbrush in order to brush my hair or a stylus in order to use a tablet device.

With my experience working as an occupational therapist in skilled nursing facilities, I contemplated the potential uses of EazyHold in my practice: toileting with a personal hygiene wand, grooming, oral hygiene, shaving, bathing with a long handled sponge, cooking, cleaning, and leisure activities (i.e. card playing, magic tricks, fishing), and exercise. If you are an occupational therapist, email me more ideas on what you think you could do with the EazyHold!


I gave constructive feedback to EazyHold for ways to make this product even friendlier for adults. Find out what I suggested by watching the Eazy Hold product demonstration: click HERE!