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The Falling Monologues


The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence created "The Falling Monologues" to tell stories about the experience of older adults after falling at home or in the community. The video can be viewed all at once or in segments, especially if it is watched in a group setting. The purpose of "The Falling Monologues" is to encourage discussion about fall prevention and delve into the thoughts and emotions of the individual who experienced the fall. Please check out the "Fact Sheets" resources related to this video, which are available in multiple languages.

Read the blog article from last Tuesday about how to reduce falls while entering and exiting the bathroom. Make sure to check out the "Winter Fall Prevention" blog article for more tips for fall prevention. 

Something that can be extremely helpful is wearing a medical alert device, like Lifeline or Life Alert, to call for assistance if you fall or have an emergency. Contact your local county senior services department to determine if you can qualify for a low cost or free subscription. Veterans and spouses receive a free medical alert device and subscription service from the Veteran's Administration.