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Building a Universal Designed Home

My husband and I are helping my in-laws build a home with universal design principles in order for them to age in place. This process can feel overwhelming at times, luckily, I have some great resources to help us along in our journey. The first is the Center for Universal Design which provides education on the principles of universal design and publications for construction details or public facilities for instance.

The Universal Design Living Laboratory is a national demonstration home and garden which shows people how to live comfortably regardless of age or ability in a home with universal design concepts. Rosemarie Rosetti and her husband designed this home to sustain her needs as a wheelchair user. The website also provides literature and information on programs to promote use of universal design in building private and public spaces.

There are many great books to read about universal design. A book recommendation I have is Universal Design: Creating Inclusive Environments which delves into universal design as making it easy for people of all ages and abilities to participate in daily activities in the home and community. It is available in paper and Amazon Kindle.

Universal Design: Creating Inclusive Environments
By Edward Steinfeld, Jordana Maisel