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Social Media Alert!


Stay at Home Solutions has two big announcements! The first is our brand new Pinterest account: Stay at Home Solutions. Pinterest allows users to save images or "pins" on boards where you can organize your ideas and make them easy to find. Stay at Home Solutions has boards for different rooms inside and outside the home and a board on universal design. Feel free to look at our pins and save them on your boards in order to give you ideas to age in place!

The second newsworthy item is we are going to broadcast on Facebook Live at noon every Friday with tips on how to age in place! Check out our first Facebook Live video by clicking on this link! Forgive us for posting the video in portrait instead of landscape.The Facebook Live videos are also posted on Youtube in landscape. Please like and follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos on aging in place and home modifications!

Please feel free to give tips or suggestions on how you would like to interact with us on social media.