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Modular Ramps: Good for Short-Term or Long-Term Use

The Ramp Project is a program through the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living in St. Paul, Minnesota. Members designed an inexpensive, durable modular ramp that can be put together in a garage then assembled at a client's home. The modular ramp is made of pressure treated lumbar and has both stairs and a ramp: read more details about the modular ramp here. It is important for the modular ramp to lead to a doorway that is 30 inches wide in order for the wheelchair user to enter and exit safely.

Since the modular ramps are so easy to set up and take down, they are a great option for people in need for a temporary amount of time. Likewise, they are made of materials meant to sustain Minnesotan weather for a long period of time, so modular ramps would fare well in Kansas City. Modular ramps are a great low cost option when finances are the driving factor in deciding what will work for your family.