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Buyer Beware: Suction Cup Grab Bars

Suction cup grab bars can appear attractive to purchase to help loved ones get in and out of a tub shower. You can put them where ever you choose on fiberglass or tile and you do not need to use tools. You simply place them on the wall. However, manufacturers of these products do not predominantly share they are meant to only stabilize your balance when getting in and out of the tub shower. Suction cup grab bars cannot sustain your body weight. If you lose your balance, your reflexes do not allow you time to judge how much force you place on a grab bar.

Consumer Affairs agrees suction cup grab bars are not the best option for people in their article discussing the importance of properly mounting grab bars. Typically, people who use suction cup grab bars explain to me they have a fiberglass shower and are unable to install a different type of grab bar. I love sharing there is another option to installing grab bars in fiberglass tubs and showers: the Solid Mount. The Solid Mount takes about an hour to install and secures directly into studs. It does not damage the wall or require any patching.

Please consider using the safer option! If you know someone who needs grab bars in their fiberglass tub or shower, contact us for proper grab bar installation!