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Paying for Stair Lifts

I recently encountered a client who is unable to walk up the stairs in her home to access her bedroom and bathroom. Unfortunately, my client has no bathroom on the main level of the house. My client has the following options: 1) Use a bedside commode and portable shower in the living room. 2) Install a stair lift or inclined wheelchair lift to access the second floor.

Lifts can cost thousands of dollars and can be difficult for most people to pay upfront. For adults 65 years and older, Medicare will only pay a small sum if the stair lift has an elevated seat. People eligible for Medicaid will find coverage varies by state and may not cover the entire cost of the installation. Read my blog post, "Payment Options for Home Modifications" to learn more about Missouri Medicaid.

Lastly, the Veteran's Administration will pay for a stair lift or inclined wheelchair lift for a veteran who is a wheelchair user with a service connected disability. This will occur after a home visit and functional skills assessment. 

When I work with people who suddenly become unable to move in their home, it causes me to reflect on my own home environment. Would I be able to enter my home if I became injured? Would I be able to carry groceries into my home or get in and out of my shower? I encourage you to put yourself in my client's shoes. What would you do to perform daily activities in your current home environment?