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Give the Gift of Living in Your Home Forever

This holiday season, I encourage you to sit down with a hot drink of your choice and talk to your family about your current and future living situation. I would like for you to consider your dreams and goals for your life. Do I want to live in this house? Do I want to move? When I am older, do I want to do my own housework or hire someone to do it for me? Do I want to mow the grass in my seventies? Who will help me manage my finances? Should I move the washer and dryer to the main level of the house?

This kind of conversation can be overwhelming, however, it can lead to an honest exchange with your loved ones about the life you want to live as you age. Talking about where and how you want to live in the future can also help your parents share what options they would prefer. Some family members may not take it well, "I don't need to worry about that right now," although that same person may ponder on their future since you mentioned this topic.

If you need any assistance facilitating this conversation, please contact me to help consult you or your family member on how to remain living in the home for as long as you wish. My gift this holiday season is helping you and your family have the freedom to live independently in the community.