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What Do Older Americans Want?

The Urban Land Institute released a report in 2012 discussing how most older Americans want to age in place in their own homes even if they need assistance with daily activities. Over half of Americans 65 years and older live in the suburbs. This is expected to create naturally occurring retirement communities. "Leading-Edge Boomers", people born between 1946 and 1964, are expected to live into their 90's and do not want to move into institutionalized housing. They share this sentiment with the Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation.

This report also noted that housing communities for seniors, including independent living and nursing care, are on the decline due to the high cost of living in these communities and seniors not having enough money in savings. Housing communities experience difficulty with replacing residents who leave with new residents because of the fact that no matter how attractive or supportive the institution, it is still an institution. The fastest growing households are multigenerational, however, it is difficult to address in urban housing with apartment complexes.