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About Maria Lindbergh

Maria Lindbergh, occupational therapist, is here to help you and your loved ones create a forever home. She is knowledgeable on aging in place and home modifications to keep people safe and independent in the comfort of home.

Maria Lindbergh smiles while she takes a selfie.

Maria Lindbergh smiles while she takes a selfie.

 Maria Lindbergh is a Kansas City native with a passion for making it a CHOICE for people to live in their homes or move into a senior living community/assisted living/nursing home. Maria earned her masters in occupational therapy from the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Her experience comes from working in various skilled nursing, assisted, and independent living facilities. Maria and her mother were caregivers for her grandparents until they passed in their 90s. Her roles as a caregiver and occupational therapist made Maria even more determined to share her insight and knowledge with others on how to help people live at home for a lifetime!

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